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Who is your white whale?

“Who is your white whale?” I sometimes ask my students.
Who is the person or entity you dream about working with?
Who you are chasing on all social media in order to see if you can sparkle some words in a deft cover letter to make yourself irresistible to them?

My white whale has been Medium.com. I am in and it is tremendously and utterly fascinating. I am still chasing dreams that will be carved in the bark of the Medium scrolls.

You can be our next white whale.
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We write stories to survive and sur-thrive.

Art by Waldemar Kazak.

The Hardest questions

What Can you Do Today That You Could Not Do 1 Year Ago?

I have started with:
“Sit alone; sit quietly
Learn something new without any apparent practical benefit.
Ask individuals for bold feedback; ignore what you hear from the crowd.
Spend time encouraging other artists.
Teach, with the intent of making change.
Ship something that you created” – Seth Godin, The Icarus Deception

I have learned the ins and outs of political marketing as to “Learn something new without any apparent practical benefit.”

Later edit: I just thought I wouldn’t have any practical benefit, because starting this September I am local councillor elect.

Art – Joseph Stella “Tree of my life”

The hardest questions

Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?
Mary Oliver, from The Summer Day

Sow your wild oats?
Build a castle with every moment you’ve got love in your heart?
Feel and dream in colours?
Drink coffee in the morning and hang fairy lights in the evening?
Sow kindness in barren cruel soil?
Decorate the moon room?
– Iulia Halatz

Art – Brad Kunkle – The moon room.

The hardest questions

What is the hardest question you would ask your Business lecturer?

If you were a French entrepreneur in 1873, what business opportunity would you have pursued, following the Paris Panic?

Art – Peregrinations of a Comet – Illustration by J.J. Grandville from Un Autre Monde, published in 1844.

To be continued.