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I don’t want the summer to end

I don’t want the summer to end
That is why I try to suspend
My thoughts of winters and grey
Garnering drops of snow and dismay.

I don’t want the summer to end
That is why I am hand in hand
With clouds and planets blue,
Roses and treasures that have no clue
Of corrupt winds and misty reign
In the apocalypse of rain.

I don’t want the summer to end…

Daniel F. Gerhartz







Art by Daniel F. Gerhartz.

Castle of Stress

Stress is the disease of the century. The root of all evils.
Battling stress is likely to become the achievement of the future.

My personal encounter with stress happened last year. Only last year, as my overhappy nature had prevented other (close) encounters. I realized I was stressed when I wasn’t smiling like a Cheshire cat as often as usual. Then it grew deeper, I developed stomach pangs or the first step towards gastritis. Everything was a blur, I felt worn out. Nevertheless I couldn’t sleep. And which was worse, I couldn’t think.

In my job and business I need fresh good ideas everyday, not to mention the “fitting of the giraffe in the fridge“. So I decided to stop. I counted the activities that made me happy and I realized I hadn’t been exercising in a while.

Now I admit I overdo it, I exert myself too much as it is my source of well-being…

As an entrepreneur the sources of stress line your path. The idea is to try and solve issues and situations in the best way possible, always smiling and always kind. If you can’t, move on and find better ways of helping others and yourself.

I help myself by writing – juggling words – reading – cycling – planking – drinking tea. My help towards you is yet to be seen as I will always find a way. As I have said before: “If I am happy, I am to make you happy.”

Consequently, this piece of art makes me happy. I do hope it creates a mutual feeling.

Daniel Gerhartz American b1965









Art by Daniel F. Gerhartz.


Engleza de joi/ Shunt

Shunt (Trains) = to move a train or carriage onto a different track in or near a station using a special railway engine designed for this purpose.
Shunt = to move someone or something from one place to another, usually because that person or thing is not wanted, and without considering any unpleasant effects.


One can never mind being shunted to spring again…










Lilac by Daniel F. Gerhartz.